Grow with PartsCloud

Join our VC backed startup and shape our journey from the ground up.

What makes us different?


After-Sales will never be the same again after we enter the market. We set unheard-of new standards for speed and service and define the “new normal” for the industrial spare parts industry.

Proven insights

We know exactly which problem we tackle because we have had and solved it ourselves. Welcome to a team of seasoned experts who do not only have a university or consulting background but also real-life practical and leadership experience in precisely the field we are working on.

Startup culture

The old ways are beyond fixing and the new ones do not exist – yet! We are building something revolutionary new, for which we bring together Thinkers who challenge the status-quo. Makers, who bring ideas that sound crazy. And Doers, who execute with light-speed.

Team work

We help each other to reach new heights and we comfort each other over the lows. We share, we communicate, and we support. We give candid feedback to bring out the best in each other. We love humans and treat each other as such.

Growth and development

We want growth and development for everyone around us, not just for our company. We hire for who you want to be, not for who you are. We provide chances others can’t. And we are going to do everything we can to help you get there.


We’re not gonna lie – working in a startup is not a classic 9-to-5. But we do everything we can to make your working life as comfortable and flexible as possible. Work from home, a co-working space or from elsewhere. As long as the internet works, we are fine.

Open positions

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